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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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we must work, as we see our supervisors strived for some of our residents. tonight, she made me cry and made many people in the meeting today cried. that is the feeling about our supervisor. we do not have to see that before. hire some people like me and give them money to set whatever they want us to say. i refuse to get money for anyone. but i still fight. i fight for my community and the people who cannot fight for themselves. i had a heart attack six times. operations and i still survive. i do the best i can for my community. 30 years living in this country,
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i love this country. president chiu: thank you. the next speaker. >> i know you're all so grateful for the endurance of the public speakers. do not accept money from the friends and foundation of the public library. you are aware that there is even greater awareness than usual of the destructive elements of corporate influence in our society. in any discussion of the evil in the privatization, it is necessary to place in historical concept -- historical context the intersection between the abuse of open government, the wisdom of resources, and the betrayal of public service that is at the center. these are only the highlights of the privatization scandal.
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privatizes claim that there is only the most recent law that have to worry about. they claim that the money -- the most aristocrats' is the most fundamental law of all. it is not just about the fund- raising scandal or the ethics commission finding scandal. there was also the book dumping scandal, the accreditation scandal, the library service scandal, the private rental scandal, the disintegration of service scandal, and they are underlined in that public records. it can be demonstrated that proposition destroys any public institution, but the success for the partnership is that private money is so important that your solution is to destroy accountability in said. the full estimates -- the philanthropists have called themselves friends of the of a
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library and have no affiliation with the city. they find the answer is that whatever happens, they are still the aristocrats and the public is only the public. the truth is the market depends on accountability and the lives -- the lies cost more than the money. thank you. >> i just want to say to everybody that i love democracy. this has been a great evening and i hope yet enjoyed it as much as i have. i mean that very sincerely triet i am here because i and the plaintiff in this letter that hopefully will be passed around to you. that was the product of a sunshine task force project that i came to because of the noise problem that arrived at my back door. in 2008, the board of supervisors passed the noise ordinance and created the task force. the task force's noise
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ordinance mission was to meet reports of board of supervisors annually and make recommendations for any legislative changes. during those three years, in the task force never had a public meeting until this operation came about. they had one final closing meeting in which i did appear and they said thank you for a much, you are done, we are done. they claim that they had no recommendations for any changes to the noise ordinance for you guys because they could not have made any decisions. if you look at their minutes, you will see that they develop recommendations. the proposed changes to the noise ordinance. you will see that the department of public health will bring them forward to you. i hope that when they do arrive, you will see them as the product of a tainted process in which there is zero public comment during the entire three-year period. my problem with this situation is that currently, under the
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noise ordinance, because there was no public, available at any point, a person who has a problem who has observed that do not fall the ordinance, and i have reviewed about 50 documents and taken noise surveys. in the service, they have abided by law once. these come from all of your district. the department is not following. the department has no appeal, no way of being heard. that is what i have discovered. i hope you will continue -- >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> i am going to translate for her. i was outside of the city hall. the moment i saw it, i was so shocked and stunned. i could not that -- i cannot believe they would appear in the government building of san francisco. i felt so frightened and disgusted. after seven years, i escape from china. i was persecuted to death by a chinese regime in china. my older brother has been in jail for 10 years. why? because the practice the mind and body practice that benefits millions of people around the world. i was also in prison and tortured for some reason. in august of 2001, both me and my younger sister were thrown
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into labor camps in china. i was beaten brutally, sometimes with an electric batons. my sister died in december of 2001 because of the torture in. i found that she was not the only one. she was forced fed with water that contained needles and nails. ccp means terror and painful memories to me. i asked them why it was there. the lady denied that it was a flag. i hope you will do something to prevent this kind of thing from happening. thank you.
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>> good evening. i am working in san francisco. some days ago, i heard that some residents -- the drowning of a a body. the flight can lead to orders for me and have treated me with a lot of painful memories. i was 16 years old when my mom was arrested because she practiced. without it, she was imprisoned with the labor camps. the first time was two months after she was debriefed. i just saw her three times over the next year. i could not focus on my school work at all. i will see my mom again. some of my mom's friends were
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beaten to death. in i kept thinking if my mom was going through the torture to. i heard about some other practitioners. the second time i saw her was seven months later. that was the first time i found that is a mother's love to her son. i saw her through the window and 100 practitioners standing in one group on the ground. they were dressed in light yellow shirts. i could not distinguish who was my mother. when i try to find my mother, she of -- she appeared to my back. she called my name and gently stroked my head. my mother was the most beautiful and the world. but the police talked to my mom had.
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she has no criminal activity at all. i sincerely hope to see san francisco again. >> good evening. i live in san francisco. i come from china and a few months ago. i and my family are all practitioners. in what was tortured and accused on december 20, 2001, by the chinese government. and my father was locked in prison for 20 years until now. in the first few months, he was tortured. he was tortured with evil methods. he suffered suffocating and
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guns. he almost died. what he suffered, what they suffered, is just because they do not want to give up. the brief and what they suffered hurt all of ours families. it hurt us very deeply. on the morning of september 30, i saw a red flag handed down from -- hanging from the balcony of our mayor's office. that red flag is a symphony of the dictatorship. the chinese government was not elected by the chinese people.
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it even persecuted chinese people. i do not want our government to stand together with these murderers who killed my aunt's and made my father imprisoned. i hope our government will make the right choice. i hope our government will stand for justice. president chiu: thank you very much. >> good evening. i come here because i practice. we are all together. when i was a kid, i practiced with my mother. since 1999. there is a chinese communist party.
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if you want to practice, they will pick you and if you continue, they will kill you. my mother was lucky. a few days ago, i saw a chinese red flag outside of the city hall. when i was a kid, i could see the chinese red flag in the garden, the park, and my classroom. actually, when i see it, i think the chinese communist party has come to san francisco. i am very afraid that they have my mom and that is a red flag. when you make your choices,
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think about that. last time i came here and talk about this, and i think someone, they decided we will never do that. it is a california flag. but i think that would be right. please. thank you. >> city hall. [speaking foreign language]
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dehere -- [speaking foreign language] perry in [speaking foreign language]
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>> islander city hall.
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r.r. radanovich city hall area to exercise. when i heard a the chinese light was on in city hall, i was shocked and saddened. in china, my mother and i could not live in our home and we were in constant danger of being arrested. my mother was arrested and detained and brainwashed, sent to brainwash classes. she was also tortured to near death. when i saw her one time, healthy, up 140-pound body, was reduced to 70 pounds over a skeleton body. luckily, because of the waste, she regained her physical health.
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the red color in the u.s. flag represents bravery, but the red color in the chinese flag represents the blood from killing and violence. city hall represents a government who also represents people of san francisco. we hang the red flag and wonder if the mayor's position will be taken over. i hope our city hall makes friends with chinese people, not with chinese government. thank you. [applause] president chiu: thank you. >> good afternoon. president chiu and members of the board. i am also a practitioner.
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luckily, i have never been arrested or tortured by the chinese government because i am protected by the constitution of the united states of america. i am also concerned about the flag which seems to be a small incidents. as very widely reported, we were supported by a strong tie with the chinese conflict. there was a resolution on this board to condemn the chinese party for persecuting him. it would appear to me that, working with the chinese consulate, many have lost the
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resolution. after that, the chinese newspaper reported if you went to china and were personally thanked by the chinese president for effort, also a practitioner in the city who preserves torture. in their very own event, chinese new year parade, practitioners are discriminated due to their chinese government influence. i would like to remind you that, as elected officials, it is your responsibility to uphold the principles of freedom. thank you. president chiu: next speaker.
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>> distinguished members of the board, board president, my name is sharon. i am here to deal with your hard. this is a question of human rights. i would also like you to consider the following. i am asking as a mother and grandmother for your help in the following ways -- i know you have been aware of this continuing homicide. the blood that continues to run in our streets. i have come to pulling the heart strings. jennifer ask you to close your eyes and think of a young person. i ask that you think of a young child that you love. i am here standing on behalf of my children and i want to thank you supervisor cohen for city and a car and watching my jogging murdered. i am pleading for your help.
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that we bring the unified forces to the following -- we go on record as the city of san francisco demanding that president obama's jobs initiative be supported a. i say that because i believe there is a direct relationship to economic and what is happening in my community. i ask that you look at the previous efforts and blessed by the city to end the violence. i acknowledged the loss of ms. manueal but also the family of the most who were killed by senseless violence. i ask that you look at a strategy for african-americans. 50% unemployment is unacceptable. the rates of migration are unacceptable. i ask for a plan of diversity that includes the sustainability of african-americans in this city. lastly, i want to thank each and
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everyone of you. i want to ask to join supervisor cohen and thank her. president chiu: thank you. >> thank you. south beach marina apartments. you guys deserve a trip. take a break. i have made a map for you where to go. this is the mission. if we were there last week and we are going to go again. what we have got here it is the little black spot. that is the driveway of our little building. it is 3 years old. will it transfer? it does not like it transfers. what we have got here is, this
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photograph, as you can see, but you cannot see. would it change over if i went that way? this is going to take longer than -- anyway, there we go. we are standing at this corner here. we are sitting. you can hear the noise from that hurrahs over here. -- that garages over here. this is across the street. next is a san carlos. the noise goes down, comes around, and i can sit over here,
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and all of these houses are pre-in world war ii, and this is coming out of 84 decibels -- 82 decibels. across the street is 67 decibels. it will probably be changed because the department of public health will hear it common we did will hear it, but come around and hear it. >> next speaker please. >> good evening, supervisors. i wanted to and during a up two
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aspects of the dysfunctional live in -- to bring up two aspects of the dysfunctional library. they have new copy c machines, and they are a mess. i went last week to make copies. it is really important so people can do research. so what is the message? on the floor where i was trying to make copies, two out of three machines were out of order. two staff members tried to help me. i have had people, three and bitterly complain about it. one staffer could not explain why the machine stopped making copies. when i asked about 11 by 17 confits -- copies, which is
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indicated as an option, i was told that is not available. on another important aspect, the library is damaging its own and who historic alain where they have installed on the face of it -- a damaging its own historical branch where they have installed metal barriers presumably intended here, and here is a close-up. presumably, it is what we believe to prevent people from jumping over the fence. this is truly damaging something that we consider worthy with no public discussion in advance with anyone. >>


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